Announcing My Quarterly Newsletter

I just published my first quarterly newsletter. In this first newsletter I provide some guidance for visiting at peak bloom the wildflowers at Paradise Mt. Rainier. There also is a short article on a method I find very useful in creating compelling images of the wildflowers in their larger environment titled: “To Focus Stack or Focus Stack, That is the Question”. You will also find a summary of my new Apprentice Program where I work one on one with a photographer over a period of time of one year for skill set development and to help the photographer creatively find his/her vision. There are also special offers available only to newsletter subscribers and announcements of upcoming trips I lead for the Seattle Mountaineers.

Wildflower Rapture
Focused Stacked Image

Here is the link to my first newsletter: Summer 2019 Erwin Buske Photography Newsletter

Here is a link to where you can subscribe to the newsletter. Subscribe

I will of course continue to post informative and inspiring article here on this blog, but as has been the practice, blog articles will explore subjects in greater depth. The newsletter will only contain short articles that are easily read in a failry limited period of time. I encourage everyone to also subscribe to the newsletter and in many ways the blog and newsletter are designed to work even better together, although they will also stand on their own. Thanks so much everyone for being part of my photographic journey!

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